Manufacturing from Home

We own a small business called Musical Playscapes. We create children’s toys that are completely our own designs. This is a small, family-owned business operated out of our home.

Outdoor Music Station

Outdoor Music Station designed and manufactured in our home office.

Outdoor Music Station

Back of Outdoor Music Station.

The newest version of our Outdoor Music Station (shown above), was designed and manufactured in my home office. As you see in the picture below, the office is a bit cramped, but it’s also packed with capability.

Home Office

Our home office.

I create all of our designs at my workstation using Autodesk Fusion 360. From there, I can bring our ideas to life with the Shopbot Desktop Max CNC. Thanks to a great dust collection system, I am able to operate this machine inside, while keeping the office (mostly) dust free.

More importantly, in this small workspace, we’re able to create almost anything we can imagine.

In the coming posts, I’ll give you a tour of our home office, talk about our hardware and design tools, and finally share the mistakes and lessons we’ve learned while starting this business.

Musical Playscapes will open soon, and I’ll also document the challenges we face while getting our Music Station to market. We’ve already reached milestones such as product patenting and safety testing to develop something special that we know will ignite creativity in children of all ages.

I hope we can be a source of inspiration and information for anyone who is interested in product design, development, starting a business, small-scale manufacturing, CNC, and 3D Printing.

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