Ways to stay connected during COVID19

As the world continues to come to grips with COVID19 and the impact it has had on our lives the world is becoming more and more restless stuck in quarantine.  I’m lucky in so many way as we have not fallen victim to the virus nor have we had to become a hero during it.

Many folks, ourselves included, though want a hug from grandma and some play time with their friends. So here are a few ideas to make your weeks away more enjoyable.

Best Friend Book Exchange

Create a book exchange with a best buddy. Make your own “mailbox” by decorating a box and placing it in your designated drop/pickup spot. Be sure to wipe down the books when placing it in the box and when retrieving yours just in case. This is a great project for kids to keep them busy too. First, they need to decorate and make their own mail box and then they need to keep up with one another as they read through each book.  Plus you can wave and see one another when someone stops by the mail for a book exchange. Not a bad idea for adults too.

Virtual Game Night

The difficult thing about quarantine is the lack of physical connection. So make one. Pick a game that both you and a friend have. Grid based games work best, such as chess . Then, set up your computer camera and have your friend call in. Both players need to make sure to set up the game board as if the other player is there! Now, when you make a move make sure you reference the grid so your virtual player knows where you moved to, and likewise when they make a move you can replicate it on your board.  We did this with our oldest and his pops. They played chess and it really made a difference that both players were looking at a physical board. It made the game tangible more present despite the obvious distance. Our youngest played Easter Bingo with Nana. We took a picture of a bingo card and emailed ahead of time. It was easy, and engaging. Great way to spend an evening and made everyone feel a little more “normal” having fun with one another.

Cook Together

There is nothing that connects people like food! During this time when dinner parties are not possible, schedule a time to cook a treat together. Something that you typically don’t have and can easily make. For some reason chocolate chip cookies come to mind. Even if they are the pre-made, creating a shared experience will and having something physical to connect makes the distance seem more bearable.

Give Thanks

As I said at the beginning and write this now from the comfort of my safe space, I’m not victim nor hero. For me personally it is important I do not loose perspective. We continue to be thankful to the medical professionals, the grocery stores, pharmacies, truckers, and delivery service, garbage and city services and others I’ve missed who make our daily lives possible even during such crazy times.

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