Star Wars Birthday

Star Wars Birthday Party When my son turned 5, I was super excited to re-use the Halloween costumes from that year for his Star Wars Party.  That Halloween he was R2D2 and little brother was BB8. So naturally these two droids now had to be the center of the party decorations. I did the ussual … Continue reading Star Wars Birthday

Dutch “Gingerbread House” Clay Luminary

I love Gingerbread and making Gingerbread Houses for the holidays. But this year I wanted to add to the tradition and make something that will last multiple seasons: Clay  Gingerbread House inspired Luminary. Here is the step by step on how we made these Gingerbread inspired luminaries. Supplies: Oven hard clay - we used natural … Continue reading Dutch “Gingerbread House” Clay Luminary

DYI: Family Mystery Game Criminal Mastermind

With the Holiday break right around the corner and many winter camps still being impacted by COVID here is a great game for the entire family.... a criminal family! Create Criminal Profile First you need to create the criminal profiles, complete with finger prints. For your profile get dressed up in a disguise and take … Continue reading DYI: Family Mystery Game Criminal Mastermind

Easy Last Minute Costume: DIY Royal Crown

Halloween is around the corner and if you are still scrambling for a costume idea why not consider yourself royalty this year? Here are the instructions to a 3 step royal crown fit for a King, Queen, Prince or Princess! Supplies: - perforated aluminum (This can be purchased from local hardware store in different patterns … Continue reading Easy Last Minute Costume: DIY Royal Crown

Robin Egg Easter Basket – Natural Easter Egg Decorations

Sometimes the prettiest Easter eggs are the ones that nature makes.  There is nothing more Easter then a little Robin egg nest. This year we went to our local farmers market and were able to buy a variety of eggs; goose, chicken, and quail.  We talked about how different types of birds make different size, … Continue reading Robin Egg Easter Basket – Natural Easter Egg Decorations

Valentine’s Day: Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

I love Alice in the Wonderland! Some of my favorite memories are watching the movie with my mom while having our own tea party. Naturally when my sister asked for help in decorating for my niece's Alice in the Wonderland themed Birthday party I was all in! So here it is Birthday or Valentines Day … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

An Overview of All the Things We Love to Make! Musical Toys!

Hi everyone! We’re super excited to get out this first post in this series about things we love to make. These are products that we sell on our Etsy shops, and of course you’re welcome to purchase them from there  ;). However, if you’re reading this blog you’re probably a maker like us, and we want … Continue reading An Overview of All the Things We Love to Make! Musical Toys!

Father’s Day or Valentines Day Gifts Dad Wants Made From Scrap Wood

Three great gift ideas, all made from scrap wood. So in my household Mother's day is now behind us. So what does that mean? Time for me to brain storm an awesome DIY Fathers day gift to do with the boys. Thinking about gifts from the past I thought I would share a few of my favorites so far. All of these items were made mostly of scrap wood, and took less then a few hours to make.

DIY Dry Erase Whiteboard

Here we installed two large dry erase boards for less then $50 and in under 2 hours! We have talked about getting giant dry erase boards to cover the walls of our office. We never seem to have enough space on our little board to write down all of the to do list as well as our ideas and sketches. So after having talked about for a good 6 months we finally just did it!