Hello, my name is Luke and I am the dad behind an amazing family team. We have an Etsy shop, Owen’s Adventures. This shops grew naturally, one day I decided to build a shed. With that project we ended up with a lot of scrap wood.  Minor side track here: you should know my wife is an endless crafter and has a hard time letting things that one day might be “the perfect widget for something” go to the trash. With that in mind, I could not throw away all of that amazing scrap wood. So she started crafting. We made tepees, garden stations and the list goes on.  Finally, we reached a point where we wanted to continue to create but for others as our boys did not need another tepee. Having been Etsy customers for years, it was natural for us to open a shop.  With that Owen’s Adventures were born.

One day, someone contacted us regarding a music station, only not a single person one, but a one for a kindergarten. My wheels started turning. The thing about us is we seem to be two sides of the same coin. While my wife was thinking 2 dimensional I came up with our (now patent pending) Musical Cube! We sold a few of the early model but quickly had to put the shop on vacation. You see we are both full time engineers so in our nights we could not process more then a few orders. We needed to industrial engineer this thing! So we did what any two crazy enginerds would do, we got a robot….a 3D printer robot! Now we could do templates and brackets oh my!

And so we continue to grow as a family with the addition of our second son Michael, and evolving as “makers”. We have learned so much and really see that people are interested in both our music toy line as well as the handmade crafts. We branched out and now have Owen’s Adventures, which is our EVERYTHING shop and a test bed for new ideas.

And this Blog. Well it came about because there are tons of things we do on a regular basis which we can’t include on our shops ,but we think others will enjoy as well.  There are plenty of things we get in to that might be fun for you to try but we can’s ship so follow along as we figure out this thing we call life.

We now have picked up our little shop and moved across the world! Recently Sasha had an opportunity to work in Australia and we took the it. We are finally getting settled and I am no taking over not just the shop, but also the blog.

Join our Adventure crew and never miss an update. Or follow up on social media. We’d love to hear from you.



Update!!! We are super excited that our friend Michael will be joining us as an author on the blog! Michael is very knowledgeable in all things 3D printing; he is experienced with a variety of printers, filaments, hotends, and is always up on all the latest 3D printing technology! We’re fortunate that he’s willing to share his expertise! Thank you Michael for joining us!