Valentines Day Gift DIY

This is the easiest DIY gift but it is also one of the most meaningful. I made this for my husband for Valentines after being new parents. The first year having gone by in a blur we now had a one year old and it was Valentines Day. One hand the supplies I had: Acrylic … Continue reading Valentines Day Gift DIY


Quick, change your Parenting, before you stifle your child’s curiosity.

  According to Forbes the millennial generation is the most educated in our history with 33% holding 4-year degrees and 90% having graduated high school. Meanwhile, from that same population, one out three can’t boil an egg and seven out of ten can’t sew on a button! With the emphasis on college prep, standardized tests, … Continue reading Quick, change your Parenting, before you stifle your child’s curiosity.

Valentine’s Day: Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

I love Alice in the Wonderland! Some of my favorite memories are watching the movie with my mom while having our own tea party. Naturally when my sister asked for help in decorating for my niece's Alice in the Wonderland themed Birthday party I was all in! So here it is Birthday or Valentines Day … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Salt Dough Ornaments

Making salt dough ornaments is a kid-friendly craft guaranteed to get the entire family in the holiday spirit! Salt dough ornaments couldn’t be easier to make, since all you need is three simple ingredients you probably already have on hand: flour, salt, and water. This step-by-step tutorial by Shutterfly breaks the Christmas craft down into nine super easy steps. … Continue reading Salt Dough Ornaments

Dutch “Gingerbread House” Clay Luminary

I love Gingerbread and making Gingerbread Houses for the holidays. But this year I wanted to add to the tradition and make something that will last multiple seasons: Clay  Gingerbread House inspired Luminary. Here is the step by step on how we made these Gingerbread inspired luminaries. Supplies: Oven hard clay - we used natural … Continue reading Dutch “Gingerbread House” Clay Luminary