Thanksgiving DIY Decor

I love fall! I love everything about it: the leaves, the wind, and most importantly - the turkey! I LOVE Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because it reminds us to slow down and be thankful. And did I's Turkey time! With that, let me introduce you to our newest Thanksgiving tradition: the DIY wood-sliced … Continue reading Thanksgiving DIY Decor


An Overview of All the Things We Love to Make! Musical Toys!

Hi everyone! We’re super excited to get out this first post in this series about things we love to make. These are products that we sell on our Etsy shops, and of course you’re welcome to purchase them from there  ;). However, if you’re reading this blog you’re probably a maker like us, and we want … Continue reading An Overview of All the Things We Love to Make! Musical Toys!

Father’s Day or Valentines Day Gifts Dad Wants Made From Scrap Wood

Three great gift ideas, all made from scrap wood. So in my household Mother's day is now behind us. So what does that mean? Time for me to brain storm an awesome DIY Fathers day gift to do with the boys. Thinking about gifts from the past I thought I would share a few of my favorites so far. All of these items were made mostly of scrap wood, and took less then a few hours to make.