Star Wars Birthday

Star Wars Birthday Party

When my son turned 5, I was super excited to re-use the Halloween costumes from that year for his Star Wars Party.  That Halloween he was R2D2 and little brother was BB8. So naturally these two droids now had to be the center of the party decorations.

I did the ussual Jedih dress up options, with Pinces Laya buns or Yoda headbands. But those really were not a hit. What everyone enjoyed the most was the “Resistance Traning Day”.

These activities are rain or shine and since weather was not cooporating I had to move everything in to our living room.

The first activity was “Bowling for Bad Guys”. This simple activity starts with prinintg out several Storm Troopers and a Darth Vaider. I used 11″ by 8″ but you can use a standard size and just print on two pages to make teh figures larger. Cut them out and glue them on to cardboard. I used the foam poster board. Make sure you have slit in between the legs, where you can add a little stand, to make sure the figures stand up straight.  And that is it. Now you are ready to bowl, set them up and see how many each Jedhi can knock down.

Next the kids had to “Use the Force” with light baser training. I took pool noodles and rwapped the bottom part with black duck tape to look like a light saber. The neat thing about these pool noodles was they actually light up.  In 30 seconds, each kiddo had to see how many ballons they could get accross the finish line using only the noodles.


The last and most favorite part of the party, was attacking the death star. We had a death start pinata purchased from Etsy (sorry didn’t have time to make one this year). I painted a dowel rod bright blue and again wrapped the bottom with black ducktape so that it looked like a light saber. Needless to say the pinata is always a fan favorite.

We had small details like a cake that was half chocolate and half venilla, so you had to pick if you wanted a peice of “The Dark Side”. For that I always use a cake mix, but make my own buttercream icings. I find that the icing really make the diffference.

That was it. Simple fun rain or shine!


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