DIY Remembrance Day Poppies

This year make your own needle felt poppies to wear on Remembrance Day. We had fun with this one talking about what the day means and explaining to the kids what sacrifices service men and women have over the year.

First gather a foam pad, your felting needles, red felt, and black wool or felt. Cut out 4 heart shaped petals from the red felt and place them in a flower pattern on the foam pad.

Roll the black wool in to a small ball and place it in the center.

Using the felting needle poke the wool onto the felt. Make sure all of the petals overlap slightly so that they join together. Be careful these needles are sharp so make sure little hands keep their fingers safe!

That’s it! Use a safety pin to attach the poppies to your shirt. We also added a green pipe cleaner in the bag to give a little more contrast.

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