DYI: Family Mystery Game Criminal Mastermind

With the Holiday break right around the corner and many winter camps still being impacted by COVID here is a great game for the entire family…. a criminal family!

Create Criminal Profile

First you need to create the criminal profiles, complete with finger prints. For your profile get dressed up in a disguise and take a selfie, or create a “mug-shot” if your criminal profile has been caught in the past. Add a back story about what kind of crimes your criminal has committed. Last but not least take the finger prints.

Use a charcoal pencil and rub it on some fine sand paper (regular paper works as well but may take longer). Then, one finger at a time, rub your finder on the charcoal making sure the print is completely covered. Place your finger on the sticky side of clear tape and lift. Take the finger printed tape and tape it to a blank spot on your “Criminal Profile”. Repeat for other fingers.

Create a Crime Report

Make up a few crimes which have happened! Make a crime report complete with what evidence was found. Be sure to include at least 1 finger print for a criminal suspect you’ve created. Be sure the finger print “found” is also one of the fingers used in the criminal profiles.

On the back of the crime report I wanted to hide the answers. First I printed the answer in “mirror image”, meaning when you hold it up to the mirror you can read it correctly right to left. Then I used clear tape to tape it to the back. I added a flap with another piece of paper and tape so that the answer is covered.

Now let your kiddo grab a magnifying glass and see if they can solve the mystery.

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