Easy Last Minute Costume: DIY Royal Crown

Halloween is around the corner and if you are still scrambling for a costume idea why not consider yourself royalty this year? Here are the instructions to a 3 step royal crown fit for a King, Queen, Prince or Princess!


– perforated aluminum (This can be purchased from local hardware store in different patterns and colors. I was able to get some already painted bronze and copper.)

– grommets (quantity 2 per crown)

– tools used were grommet punch/press wire cutters

– optional decorations include sticker rhinestones and super glue

Step 1. Cut with wire cutters, along the long edge of the perforated aluminum pattern a strip. This will form your crown to determine what aspects of the pattern you want to follow. Trim any undesired edges.

Step 2. Wrap the aluminum strip around your head to determine the size of your crown. Hold it secure. Using a grommet punch and press secure the two ends of the crown with 2 grommets creating a circle.

Step 3. Decorate as desired. I used rhinestone stickers, but you can add beading, wrapped wire, anything really to add some sparkle!

That’s it! Put on a fancy dress and layer on some jewelry and your ready to be queen!

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