At Home Summer Camps

This summer all of the local summer camps are closed. Here is our plan for having an amazing summer regardless!

  1. Make a Plan.
  2. Set some goals.
  3. Get rewards.

The kiddos picked 3 to 5 things they wanted to work on this summer. Owen picked archery, art, music, outdoor exploring while Michael picked music, art and outdoor exploring.

For each boy we set some goals. For example Owen’s goals include:

  1. Archery – hit 3 targets using 6 arrows from 15 feet away.
  2. Music – learn 3 songs and hold a virtual concert with grandparents.
  3. Art – make a piece of art “Nature” themed with out following along a video.
  4. Outdoor exploration – find 20 geocaches this summer.

Some goals are going to take longer then others but each is very achievable by the end of the summer.

Every time they reach a goal, we have an award ceremony. We play graduation music, pin a new pin on to the boy’s shirts and have a post ceremony ice-cream.

So far it has been a big success! When the two are picking on each other I simply ask what goal are you working towards? Usually that helps them move on to something more productive. It’s also nice that the work has been largely self directed. I think with us at home, and the boys taking all of their direction only from us is a challenge. They were starting to crave some level of control. Now this summer they have it. The entire process is basically owned by them and it has been a pleasant change for everyone.

What do to when summer camps are canceled DIY summer camp at home

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