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One thing that I have not done in years is have a beauty routine. Other than occasional make up; washing my face with soap and water, and applying sunblock has been the extent of it for most of my 20’s and now into my 30s. Naturally, the abuse I put my sensitive skin through is not good. My goal as I age is to age gracefully but I’m also not looking to rush the process along.  Therefore, I’ve decided it’s time to stop abusing my sensitive skin, and take the time to better take care of it in the same way that I take care of our diet and exercise. My choice is a natural journey – skin care.

Step 1. Get educated

I do not want to go blindly purchasing expensive products which could do more harm then good if they are not right for my skin type. I have sensitive skin along with a number of allergies. To help avoid such pitfalls education is key and I am fortunate to have a great resource available to me. I have a friend who has been a Neal’s Yard Remedies consultant for a number of years.  She was my obvious choice for a first beauty consultation. I’m very glad I did that as she finally explained the difference between a moisturizer and a toner (yes feel free to laugh as I, a 30+ woman, had no clue).  She also guided me in selecting a few things to try which contained essential oils. It’s important to note that just because it is natural does not mean it is not potent, Therefore, knowing what I can try with sensitive skin was very important.

I also have been enjoying reading two books also from the Neal Yard Remedies collection on “Healing Foods” and “Cook, Brew, and Blend Your Own Herbs”. With these resources I was able to make an more informed decision on what I wanted to try.

Neals Yard remedies healing foods

Step 2. Try is and adjust

So far I have tried a number of products and have mostly liked the Orange Blossom line for my skin type. I’ve kept is really simple with a facewash, moisturizer toner starter kit. I’m going to try it out for awhile before purchasing a large size of the products and we’ll see where it leads.

Step 3. Remember your goals

Overall, I’m mostly excited to share this as I think it is important for our overall big picture goals. We want to live more sustainably. When the world’s population was forced to limit travel, and stay off the roads there are parts of the world that had blue skies for the first time in decades. If 2020 teaches us one thing, it is that our impact on one another and the world is profound.

Our family goal is to simply live a more natural life, reducing our waste and impact.

If you are interested in the products mentioned, click here to learn more.

Neal Yard Remedies catalog

I am not at the time of publishing this affiliated with the company nor do I make any money from sales resulting from you following the link. At some future date that might change and I will let you know.

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