One Fish – Two Fish First Birthday Party

When my boys turned 1 I bought each of them “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. Their 1st birthdays were small parties, family only. And I had this idea, each family member picked a page and wrote a note to them, now at 1 year old, and when they turn 18 or on their High School graduations, I would give them these books.  Naturally, then the birthdays had to be Dr. Sues themed. Michael’s was One Fish Two Fish Our Fish is One-ish!


His being a summer birthday I wanted to make a splash-pad. The first thing I had to make was a giant water pillow for our little fish.  I took two painter’s plastic sheets and ironed the edges together between two pieces of wax paper. I left on hole where I could fit the hose and add blue food coloring to make the water more fun. I wish I had added some foam fish or glitter inside as well, but I had forgotten to do that.  I used several rubber bands to close off the hose hole. Then I placed a sprinkler on top of the water pillow making this a perfect little splash pad for our little one.


His cousins are all 3-6 years old. So, to keep the bigger kids entertained I got a large inflatable kiddy pool and a small slip and slide. The bounced in and out for the entire afternoon. This was probably the easiest set up for any party, since I really only had one activity planned, but the kids didn’t need anything more.

The cake I decorated with colored Polk-a-dots and fondant. I made a few fish from fondant, added and eye ball sprinkle and used an edible ink pen to draw a smile. Not much to it but small things like that I very much enjoy doing.  The kids were surprised that once they cut in to the cake, it was multicolored and filled with M&M’s!

I also re-used the a few items from Owen’s “Oh the places you’ll go” party from a few years back. I’ll go back and add a post on that one.

Dr. Sues Kids first birthday party pin.png

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