Robin Egg Easter Basket – Natural Easter Egg Decorations

Sometimes the prettiest Easter eggs are the ones that nature makes.  There is nothing more Easter then a little Robin egg nest.

This year we went to our local farmers market and were able to buy a variety of eggs; goose, chicken, and quail.  We talked about how different types of birds make different size, shape and color eggs. And some birds, like a Robin, make bright blue tiny eggs.

Natural easter eggs quail goose and chicken

With that we decided to make a small Robin egg Easter basket.

The supplies are:

  1. Quail eggs
  2. Blue egg dye coloring mixture:1 cup water 1 tbs vinegar desired amount of cyan food coloring.
  3. Rope or string 12″ ( I used a natural fiber rope)
  4. Wood slice about 3″ thick (this was a slide out of our old Christmas tree but any large branch would work)
  5. 2″ Forstner bit and drill
  6. 1/4″ Drill bit

First, use the egg dye mixture to color the quail eggs to a nice bright blue. Set aside and let dry.

Using the 2″ forstner bit drill 1″ in to the wood slide creating bowl. Next, use the 1/4″ drill and drill two holes for attaching the rope handle.

Add a little rope to the bottom of the basket to make a nest. Place the dried blue Robin’s eggs in the basket to complete the decoration.


Easter egg wooden basket DIY robin egg

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