Easter Egg Splatter Painting and Outdoor Fun

Easy and Fun Easter Brunch for the Entire Family

Spring time is coming and so is Easter. I love this holiday, for it’s meaning and the family time we spend together. One year, we decided to have a big brunch with the entire family. Here is what we did to make it extra special for the little ones.

First, we (of course) had the typical egg hunt set up in our back yard. Everyone came with eggs filled to share so that I was able to focus on getting brunch ready. Our menu was simple:easter egg tree brunch

  1. Cinnamon rolls
  2. Bacon egg crescent roll ring
  3. Eggs and Bacon
  4. Fruit Salad
  5. Macaroons with Peeps
  6. Fresh juice
  7. Champagne for Mimosas
  8. Coffee and Tea

After everyone ate we got ready for our main events! First, the Easter Egg hunt. The smallest cousin gets to find the first egg. That’s our rule, then all of the kids got to go.

Once we found all of the eggs, I had one more special event planned. Egg painting! I had taken 3 dozen eggs, and blown them out (emptied them) and filled them with multicolored washable paint.  Then, my mother in law brought some confetti filled eggs (Cascaromes).  I packed each egg carton with a dozen eggs; 6 with paint and 6 with confetti. Before the fun could begin, I covered the yard with painters plastic, placed wooden blocks in the center and a large painting canvas over it.

Now we were ready to paint. The kids each took their egg carton and started to throw the eggs on the canvases. The wood blocks that I placed behind the canvas provided the hard surface needed to break the eggs. Even the parents got in to it! We made our version of a Pollock drip/splatter paintings. They turned out great, and  one of the paintings hangs in our room, it is art filled with memories.


outdoor art and painting splatter painting kids crafts easter egg fun

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