Valentines Day Gift DIY

This is the easiest DIY gift but it is also one of the most meaningful. I made this for my husband for Valentines after being new parents. The first year having gone by in a blur we now had a one year old and it was Valentines Day.

One hand the supplies I had:

  • Acrylic paint
  • 10″X 10″ canvas
  • 7″ x” 5″ canvas
  • 8″ X 8″ canvas
  • 6″ X 6″ canvas
  • Hot glue

He always loved the Philadelphia “LOVE” sign, so I thought I would make one of our own. And I had just perfect toes to make the “V”.

First I prepped the canvases by painting them one solid color. Let it completely dry. Then, I painted on the letters L – O – E. I left out the “V” because that one I needed little toes for.

I quickly painted one baby foot at a time and made the foot prints in to the “V”.

Easy fathers day gift.jpg

Then, let everything completely dry. Once you are ready to assemble, heat up the hot glue gun and glue the canvases to each other spelling out “LOVE”.

This is a great gift, for a First father’s or mother’s day as well as Valentines. Our sign will be updated this year. I’ll be saving the “V” from Owen’s toes and will add Michael’s hand print for the “O”. This little piece of art work is prominently displayed on our mantel. It really is a special gift.

Easy DIY kids art valetine

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