Valentine’s Day: Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

I love Alice in the Wonderland! Some of my favorite memories are watching the movie with my mom while having our own tea party. Naturally when my sister asked for help in decorating for my niece’s Alice in the Wonderland themed Birthday party I was all in! So here it is Birthday or Valentines Day Alice in the Wonderland Party DIY.

Do you play Croquette?

By far the main event was the Queen of Hearts Croquette Game! First I made the card army.  For this I used white poster board with red and pink card stock. The here is the downloadable print. You can do one of two things, either print in color on white paper, or gray scale on color paper. I chose to print on colored card stock to save printer ink. So I first printed the small card faces on pink card stock and the rest of hears and numbers on red card stock. Then I cut out all of the shapes. To make the faces I then glued pink face to the larger red hearts. To make the hands I just traced mine on a piece of card stock. I made six cards; three to decorate with and three for our croquet game. The cards used for the croquet game I hot glued bamboo sewers to the top and bottom so that we can pock them in to the ground and make an arch way.


Next we need to make the Flamingo mallets. But we were playing with 3-5 year old kids. Needless to say giving them a wooden mallet was not an option. So I found some Styrofoam 5″ thick packing material, 4 googly eyes, 2 sticks 1″ diameter about 2 feet long, and pink acrylic paint.  First, very carefully I used a razor knife to cut out the body and head shapes of a flamingo. Then I cut a whole all of the way through the body and part way in to the head to fit the 1″ diameter stick. Armed with my hot glue gun I glue those pieces in place on the dowel rod.  Next, I used acrylic paint and painted the flamingos. DO NOT USE SPRAY PAINT ON STYROFOAM. It will ruin it.

Once again armed with my hot glue gun, I glued on enough feathers to cover the entire body and head. I also attached the googly eyes and added some lashes using puffy paint.


The Mushroom Of course!

I made these little toadstools from the same large Styrofoam materials I had on hand. Just cut out the shape and paint. The neat thing here was I used glow in the dark puffy paint for the dots. Great for setting the scene.


Little Oysters

Little _Oysters_clay

We live near the coast, so I was able to find a few oyster shells. So together with a little bit of Sculpty clay I  made these little guys. This was the final touch!

Everyone had a blast and the best thing was this can be used again for Valentines day parties to come! For those of you that are thrifty here is a tip, buy any heart decorations you want (if you are planning this for a Birthday) after Valentines day at a huge discount!



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