5 Unique DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

DIY Ornaments Christmas Cafts

We’ve all seen the wood slice ornaments with chalk paint or a snowman face. Those are some of my favorite crafts. But there are so many more designs and ideas for using tree rounds, or wood slices, to make your own ornaments.

Last few years I have saved the truck of our Christmas trees for crafts just like this. So the pictures below are from our tree, so there are imperfections where the sap smeared while cutting of the saw blade got to hot. But to me that is what makes these perfect, after all they still smell like Christmas too! So  here are five of my favorite DIY wood slice ornaments. Each about 2″ in diameter and the thickness is about 1/4-1/2″.

Brand Monogram


The first one us is the branded monogram. It is super easy. I used my branding iron and withing a few minutes, branded the ~1″ letter S on both sides. I then took puffy paints and made Holly. I added a little shine to the holly by placing a glass bead in the puffy paint. Once dry I did a slightly different pattern on the other side. I like puffy paint for the 3 dimensional aspect of it.

Pressed Flowers


Every year we gather flowers and enjoy drying them in the boy’s flower press. They often forget just how many flowers we dried, but I save a few in an envelope. Then, when its Christmas time, we take our a the flowers and decoupage then on to both sides of a wood slice. Add a little glitter for some shimmer and that is it! Simple and so nice.

Picture Wood Transfer

Ton’s of people have great YouTube video on how to transfer your photos on to wood. 1. Print our a picture you want but be sure to mirror the image. 2. Mod podge the wood slice and place the image on to the mod podged wood slice face down. Let dry 3. Gently moisten the paper and rub off the paper. The ink will transfer to the glue and leave the image on the wood also letting the wood texture show through. Notes on this: Don’f rub too hard you can rub off the image.  Try it on the edges first where if you rub of the ink its not a big deal to get a feel for it.




For this one you need to drill a few holes in the pattern you wish to embroider. I stick to simple leaves, Christmas tree or snow flakes. Then you literally embroider the ornament.



Combine any of the above methods to create something more intricate! I love doing branding and then embroidering for example. Owen did the red and green tree and he wanted a “million” stars. So I did what I could.

Hope you enjoyed the post. If you don’t happen to have a branding iron or Christmas tree laying around and want to give this a try, send us a note @OwensAdventuresEtsy.  We do custom kits on our Etsy shop and would love to help you out.


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