DIY Concrete Luminary

We love being able to share our passion for engineering with our kids and in the process getting our hand dirty! There is no better way then with concrete! Concrete Luminaries are one of our favorites!

Supply List:

  • Quickcrete Sand topping mix – cement mix
  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Stick or small hand shovel for mixing
  • Vaseline
  • 1 Large milk carton clean and dry
  • Styrofoam or small cardboard boxes like march boxes


For the luminary, first cut off the bottom of the milk carton. Be sure to leave the cap on the spout, and flip it upside down to rest in the bottom. Next wipe the inside with Vaseline. Every little corner.

Next mix the concrete per the instruction on the bag.  Be sure to wear rubber gloves as concrete an irritate skin. Next fill the milk carton half way up with concrete. Now, take a rectangle of Styrofoam or the match box and cover it in Vaseline. Place  that in the concrete right up to the end of the milk carton. This will be a window.

Next, take a larger piece Styrofoam and place it in the to one side of the of the milk carton, preferably perpendicular tot he “window”. Be sure to over lat slightly with the previous piece of Styrofoam. You will need that access to push the window piece out. A couple of tips here (1) don’t forget to cover each piece with Vaseline (2) make sure the bottom piece is large enough for the candle of your choice. At least 1.5″ in diameter.

Now cover all around the bottom Styrofoam. Set something heavy on top (like a brick) to keep the cardboard or Styrofoam from floating up and let dry for at least 24 hours.

When dry, pull of the milk carton. And work your way to loosen and remove the window and door pieces. Add a little tea light candle and you have a Luminary. You can also paint the house if you like for added decoration.

Make an entire village for Christmas or make them in to Haunted houses for Halloween! Be sure to wash all of the buckets and mixing shovels before the concrete dries. And Enjoy!

DIY Luminaries Concrete Houses

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