Part 2: The Vendor Booth Build

We are so very excited, our application was accepted as a vendor at Houston’s Maker’s Faire. With that we now need to build it!  Lets get started with the supplies:

  • Qty 2 Shelves 6 foot 10″ X 1″
  • Qty 5 copper tube 1/2′ OD 10 ft in length
  • Qty 10- T fittings 1/2″
  • Qty 8 – 90 degree 1/2′ fittings
  • Qty 8 – 1/2″ tube strap + 16 screws

First, stain and seal the shelves. If you need to, sand down the edges to prevent splinters and provide a nice beveled edge. Then, stain and seal, of course I used red chestnut.

Then, cut the copper, in to the following segments:

  • Qty 16 segments cut to 1 foot length
  • Qty 3 segments cut to 5 foot length
  • Qty 4 segments cut to 2 foot length

Next, assemble the sides rectangles which create the space for the shelves to rest. Assemble the front according to the following:

Elbow + 1′ section + T + 1′ section + T + 1′ section + 1′ section + T+ elbow

Next slide a 1′ section in to each elbow and top two T’s to create the bars which will run horizontally parallel to the ground. Repeat to make two sides. Now make the back vertical by assembling:

Elbow + 2′ section + T + 1′ section + T + 1′ section + “T”

Attach the two halves together creating the two sides of the shelf unit. To connect the two halves use one 5′ section and connect across the front  at the bottom most “T”. Now, that the frame is standing (this is a little unstable so can be kind of tricky) add 1′ section to both back corners with a “T” connection. Next, add a “T” to each end of a 5′ section and attach it to the two 1′ pieces inserted in the previous step. To finish out the back drop, and provide a space for a curtain or logo to hang insert a 2′ section on each of the back “T’s”. For the final section you may choose to string a curtain across a 5′ section, then attach an elbow to each end and attach to the two back posts.

Now place the 6′ shelves on the top two sets of cross beams. Using the 1/2″ tube straps, secure the shelves to the cross beams.

Since this is going to be our mobile display I will only secure certain points. Like the two sides of the shelf assembly and the back drop. That way all I have to do is attach the 5′ bottom segment, shelves, and the top backdrop section each time. I plan on using old fashioned super glue to do the trick. But if you want you can also solder the joints.

And that’s it. I added an Edison light to the display.  Let me know how you do vendor show cases. Any tips for a first timer? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.


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