Kid’s Potting Table

We spend a lot of time outside. Our back yard is our sanctuary and our chaos. We live in a very hot climate and its easy to want to stay inside. But we’ve been able to make a creative space that despite the heat, calls us to come out and play. One of those things that always calls to us is Owen and Michael’s potting station. Here is how it all started, it actually all started with a shed. Yes a shed, inspired by Ana White’s plans we made our own. Luke wanted to build a shed so that we can free up our garage for our “workshop” versus storage of lawn chairs.DIY_Shed_cedar

After that we had cedar scrap wood that was just too nice to throw out. That scrap wood became the potting table. This DIY post is after the fact, so I don’t have process pictures with step by step instructions. But the best thing about this project, is you work with what you got! If it does not quite fit it is OK. I just call that character.

Here is what I did. I used 2″ by 2″ cedar to make the table frame is 23 inches deep and 36″ wide. Nothing fancy here, just screw the 2″ by”2 together with 3″ inch screws. The frame front legs are 23″ tall while the back legs are 43″ tall. These are joined together with 2″ by 2″ which are 23 inches deep. On the left side where the sink is, I attached another 23″ cross beam, connecting the back and front 2″ cross members. If you are interested in more detailed plans you can get them here.



This allows for a sink hole framing but still provides space for the table top to attache to.

To add stability I have 2″ by 2″ cross beams attached to the legs about 8 inches up. This provided more stability but also gave me a spot to make an under the table shelf.  We also added 2″ by 2″ diagonals for even more stability.


The next step is to install the table top. Here I used the cedar siding and screwed in the table top and the back splash of the table. The key here was to attach the table top allowing for an open square for the wash basin/sink.  The sink and wash station I had were round but I made a rectangular opening for that bowl to sit in. Worked out well even with the round bowl in a square hole. But if you have a jig-saw then you can make a round opening.


As for the sink, I splurged. I found on Etsy an antique copper water reservoir with a spout and matching bowl, Steve from UneChoseFrancaise was wonderful, by the way, and shipping was super fast. An alternative design, I suggest using a water dispenser. It is a perfect water reservoir. For the sink any plastic storage container would work just  as well.

I mounted the water dispenser on the back splash, along with a few screws and a shelf for tools.  The greatest thing about this outdoor sink is that it combines a few things, gardening and outdoor “water work”. I loved it when Owen pulls some fresh veggies from the garden and runs over to his sink to clean it. This one morning was especially fun, when Owen in his Captain America utility belt, while still in his pajamas picked and washed the radishes. It’s these mornings, that I love more than anything else.

Again, if you would like the complete detailed plans of our little mud kitchen please download them here.



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