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Airplane Nursery for Baby Boy

Creating a baby room is exciting. What a joy to welcome a little one. Since our oldest son’s room was rocket themed lil’ brother’s had to be air planes.  I started with making the changing table feel more industrial with a peg board background.

These easy steps to make this :

1. Supplies : spray paint, peg board cut to size, window trimming (typical Home depot segment come already painted in 8-10ft lengths), wood glue, four drywall screws with washers, peg board baskets, and zip ties.

2. Cut the peg board to size ( they’ll do this for you at most hardware stores mine was 24″ by 36″).

3.  Spray paint the peg board and let dry.

4. I used a miter saw to cut the boarder trimming at 45 deg. making sure that the lengths match your peg board dimensions. Then glued it around the edges of the peg board (note if your angles don’t match 100% you can use a little white dry wall putty to fill it in 😉 shhh…no one will know)

5. Insert the baskets and zip tie them in place.

6. Use the dry wall screws to attach the peg board at the four corners using the washers to make sure the screw does not pop through the peg holes.

I added a few key finds from a local flee market with wire baskets for diapers and blankets on hand.



Now this clock is something special. I made it from copper and wood. Sealed it in a nice chestnut red stain. It has been great for those long nights when you want to know the time but you don’t want a bright clock in the baby’s room.

It’s a little more to it then the peg board but if you like we do have it on our Etsy shop (just click the pic).



The airplane mobile I made using a a small and large embroidery hoops and needle felting the shapes. I’ll do a post specific to that soon, so check back for that.

Nursery Airplane Clock DIY Rustic


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